About Me

Hi there! You may call me Till, which is my nickname:D!

In my high school, I was eager to become a theoretical physicist (or more precisely, astrophysicist) because of my fascination with the beauty and the grandeur of Mother Nature. I relished in the mathematical, philosophical, and logical thinking while doing physics.

However, thanks to these three mind-blowing books:

I saw the bright and limitless future of AI and was determined to enter the field of computer science.

Now as a computer science undergraduate at Jacobs University Bremen (an English-speaking university in Bremen, Germany), I’m deeply in love with not only theoretical CS, AI, and machine learning, but also practical software development. Always highly motivated and self-driven to learn new things, I’m striving to achieve both academic and technical excellence.

Plus, as an avid book-learner, I’ve been enjoying many fascinating tech books during my self-study and self-improvement. You can find the list of the books here.

Some quick facts:

  • Favorite Area of Software Engineering: Android Development.
  • Favorite Language: Python.
  • Favorite Editor: VSCode (with the Vim extension 😎).
  • Favorite OS: macOS.
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer.
  • Favorite TV Series: Rick and Morty.


Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

2018/08 – 2021/06

B.S. Computer Science

  • Featured courses: ML, Algorithms & Data Structures, C & C++, OS, DB, Software Engineering.


TeamViewer, Göppingen, Germany

2020/10 – 2021/01

Software Engineer Intern

  • R&D Core team. Expected to work on Android and C++ development.

Twenty Billion Neurons, Berlin, Germany

2020/06 – 2020/09

Software Engineer Intern

  • Delivered six significant features to the AI fitness app Fitness Ally by working primarily in the R&D Python team and voluntarily in the iOS team with 10k+ SLOC.
  • Built a Python CLI changelog generator inspired by GitLab, which resolved the changelog conflict issue.
  • Fixed the broken XCTest system in Xcode, which enabled the unit tests to run again.
  • Leveraged knowledge: Python, Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Bash, Git, Linux, Firebase.

Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

2019/09 – 2020/05

Teaching Assistant

  • Graded homework and gave tutorials for: Algorithms & Data Structures, Intro to CS, and Data Management.
  • Leveraged knowledge: Java, C++, Python, C, Haskell, MySQL, GCP.

TD Tech, Beijing, China

2019/06 – 2019/08

Software Engineer Intern

  • Delivered three significant features to two enterprise Android apps with 8k+ SLOC.
  • Built a CLI that automated the update of Android custom ROM, which reduced the time by at least 67%.
  • Leveraged knowledge: Android Development (Java), Python, Batch, Git, SQLite, Linux.


JStore: Marketplace for Jacobs University Bremen - Native Android & iOS Apps

  • 7k+ SLOC. 1k+ users. Available on Google Play & App Store. GitHub repos: Android & iOS.
  • Utilized: Java, Swift, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Firebase (Auth, Cloud Firestore, Storage).


Python, Java, Swift, C++, Kotlin, Dart, C, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Flutter, Git, SQL, Bash, Firebase.

Go, JavaScript, Django, Spring, HTML/CSS, GCP, Docker, Haskell.